Civil Design

Site specific Civil Design involves co-ordination amongst Public Works, Fire, Air and Water Quality Departments as well as various Utility Companies. Civil Design must satisfy Drainage, Access, Utility and Environmental issues of a site.

At Continental, we provide following services

  • Hydrology Studies
  • Offsite and Onsite Grading
  • Street/Road Design and Profiles
  • Water Design and Analysis for Fire and Domestic use
  • Sewer  Design and Analysis
  • Retaining and Perimeter Wall Design
  • Septic System Design
  • Public Water System Design
  • Landscape and Irrigation Design
  • Strom Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • State and Federal Agency Permits , such as State DOT, Fish & Game, United States Bureau of Land Management
  • Coordination with Power, Gas, Phone and Cable Companies
  • Easement Dedication and Recording

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